Short Dress

These end above the hips and look simply divine on skinny women. These also give the illusion of larger breasts, which is very good news for women who are not that gifted in that area. Women who have large or round hips or waists should steer clear of this design. The material clings to the body when blown by the wind so it is not very good when it comes to hiding a large stomach.

Long Dress & Mini Dress

Long Tunic. This can be worn much like a mini dress. It looks when paired with sandals or with boots. They also look great when worn with skinny jeans or with w short skirt. This style is ideal for women who are tall and lean. A long, tunic dress can hide a woman's large hips, bottom, and thighs. Choose a long tunic dress made of thick material so that it won't cling to the body when blown by the wind. A long black tunic dress makes a very great statement.

Mini Tunic. This look very great for nights out with girlfriends or with that special man. These are also perfect for summer. These can be paired with flat sandals or knee-high boots. For these types, it is essential to pick body hugging types with necklines and sleeves which suit the wearer. This is great for skinny women but large women should avoid it.

Short Sleeved Dress & Long Sleeved Dress

Short Sleeved/Long Sleeved Dress. A dress of this kind with short sleeves reveals the top half of a woman's arm, as well as the rest of the arm. This is not ideal for women who have flabby arms. For those who are not that gifted in the arm, the area should just go for tunics with long sleeves.
Dress Tops. These are trendy and popular fashion apparels. They are perfect for summer of the stretchy, light and comfortable fabric. Tunic tops are pullovers that can be extended just below the waistline. There are a few tops, though, that are longer than the standard length.

How to Wear a Tunic Dress

This kind of dress can be worn with style for added oomph. However, if it is not worn right, it can make a woman look frumpy and overweight. It is a must to choose the right dress for your body shape for success.

The color must also complement a woman's skin tone. Tunic dresses are appealing and they are very comfortable and cool for the summer season. They have an easy to wear shape that can be paired with almost anything. They can be teamed with flats or high heels and stilettos. A wide belt can also be added to change the look of a women's dress.

For the summer season, it is best to go with fuchsia, purple and yellow. If you are in search of a classic piece to add to your wardrobe, it is best to choose a tunic dress with monochromes. This will never go out of style. You can just throw it over pants and you are good to do.